Workout Routines Your Kids Can Join in On

Workout Routines Your Kids Can Join in OnStaying fit should be a family activity, shouldn’t it? After all, you’ve got to teach your children how to become healthy and happy as their lives go on, and it’s important to teach it to them from the beginning. Why not start your exercise session with these workout routines your kids can join in on? It doesn’t take too much effort to let them participate, and you can teach them that exercise is fun!

Frog Jumps


One that kids particularly enjoy is frog jumping. With this, you’ll want to stand straight up with your legs just a bit wider than your shoulders. Keeping your spine straight, bend your legs a bit until you’re almost in a seated position, stretching out your glutes and thighs. Jump forward, keeping your body upright as your legs do most of the work. While just moving your legs, you’ll be able to give your legs a complete workout. Children can try this move without worrying too much about proper form, as long as you help them really stretch out your legs.



Children love tiptoeing around, thinking that perhaps no one will hear them when they sneak on their toes. Why not put that to good use, and teach them to stretch out their calves? With the tiptoe, you’ll teach them calf raises without a problem. In order to do a calf raise, stand up straight, and slowly raise your body onto your toes and hold the position. If you want some extra work, bounce on your toes a bit to help feel the burn. Hold this for at least 30 seconds before lowering back onto the ground again. Try this out for about five repetitions, or 8 for adults.

Arm Circling


This simple exercise is usually fun to do, and can really get your arms working. Whether forward or reverse, it’s not hard to do, and kids can have a lot of fun seeing how long they can last. With arm circles, all you have to do is hold your arms straight out on each side, holding them exactly parallel to the ground. Finally, start creating small circles with your hands, swinging your arms around in either large or small rotations. You can build up the size or start large and shrink back to small, but you have to keep your arms upright. There’s no limit on how long you can hold the position, so it’s up to you how long to continue!

Jumping Jacks


The age old classic is actually a good one to teach to kids, and can be fun to keep up with. It’s a bouncing jump that most children learn as a game, rather than an exercise, and can be perfect to get your kids caught up in your exercise routine. If anything, at least convince your children to do some jumping jacks with you, and if they want to do more, then give them some more exercises to try with you. Together, you can exercise as a family and stay fit and healthy!

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