The Best Snacks for a Day Out

Best Snacks for a Day OutA day out with the kids can be a rare treat for families. No matter what activity you are doing, it is great to spend some quality time with your family with no worries about work or school. However, it sometimes takes careful planning to get everyone on board and ready to go enjoy the day.

You may even be traveling in the car for an extended amount of time where you don’t want to have to make pit stops along the way. A great way to address snacks is to go ahead and pack the best snacks for a day out.

This can save you tons of money and make a long day more enjoyable because no one will be hungry and cranky. Here are some great snacks to pack for a family day out and about!

  • Granola Trail Mix: Take your kid’s favorite granola bar and smash them to bits. This is fun for kids to do themselves. Put a few granola bars in a zipper bag and let the kids smash them with a wooden spoon or the bottom of a plastic cup. Mix the granola bar bits with two tablespoons raisins and ½ cup of small pretzels or pretzel sticks. To make it a little sweeter, throw in a tablespoon of mini chocolate chips. Place the granola trail mix in an airtight bag or container for a great snack on the go.
  • Whole Wheat Pinwheels: Whole wheat pinwheels are cute little pinwheel sandwiches that are fun to eat and can be a healthy snack for a day out. Lay a whole wheat wrap flat and spread with a thin layer of cream cheese. Add your favorite jelly and roll the wrap up tight. Cut into one inch pinwheels. You can also use any kind of nut butter or substitute apple or pumpkin butter for jelly. Another alternative for wraps is to place some spinach and feta cheese between two wraps and grill in a skillet until the cheese melts and the wrap is toasted. Cut into wedges for a cute little wrap sandwich.
  • Fruit Basket Turnover: Cut up a variety of fresh fruit your kids love. Place it all in a bowl with a good sealing lid. Let the kids flip the bowl a couple of times to mix and you have fruit basket turnover. Put the fruit in individual sized storage cups and take along plastic cutlery for a quick, healthy snack anywhere, anytime.
  • Cereal Necklace: A fun snack for small children is a cereal necklace. Choose any circle cereal. Choose high fiber, low sugar varieties for healthy options. String the O’s on a piece of yarn cut 16 to 18” in length. Tie the ends together and you have a cereal necklace the kids can snack on for a good bit of time.

These are the best snacks for a day out with the family. They are quick, easy and healthy ways to keep the family satisfied while not spending a lot of money and time!

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