Quick Snack Ideas for a Day at the Park

Quick Snack Ideas for a Day at the ParkYoung kids have high energy needs and therefore require several snacks a day. These snacks are important because they become a regular fixture in your child’s diet—just like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is why it is so important to provide healthy snacks that can improve and maintain their health while also refraining from spoiling their next meal.

We like to use snack time as a way to get some stable nutrients into our kids. When we see our kids are eating nutritious snacks we don’t worry so much about whether or not they ate enough vegetation at dinner. However, we are on the go a lot and coming up with healthy, tasty, and portable snacks can be difficult. This is why we compiled a list of quick snack ideas for a day at the park, pool, and on the road. Discover our list of portable, healthy, and generally mess-free snacks.

Baked Apple Chips


These baked apple chips from The Viet Vegan are so good! They taste just like apple candy, so you aren’t likely to have to force your little one to eat them. While you could simply buy a bag of apple chips, we find that making them ourselves is cheaper and tastier. The Viet Vegan recipe has no added sugar, just lets the apple shine through. If you’d like you could add a sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice, before you pop these in the oven to add a different flavor.

Crunchy Roasted Green Peas


Kids love crunchy foods, and they love sweet foods. These crunchy roasted green peas from superhealthykids.com will give your child the crunchy and sweet snack that they crave without sacrificing any nutrition. Plus, these peas are the perfect on-the-go snack.

Quinoa Trail Mix Bites


These quinoa trail mix bites by Alissa Saenz from Connoisseurus Veg are incredible! They are a little sweet, crunchy, chewy, and definitely portable. Not to mention that they are very healthy. These trail mix bites have quinoa, flax seeds, oats, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and dried fruit! Your little one will think they are eating a cookie, but you’ll know that this snack time nutrition won.

Japanese Rice Balls


To many in the western world, this might seem like a strange snack. But don’t give up on it so quickly! It is portable and delicious. This little snack could also be a portable meal, depending on the serving size. It is full of veggies, fish, and rice. It tastes yummy. Plus, kids love to eat food in fun, new, shapes. Give these Japanese Rice Balls from Weelicious.com a try and you will be glad you did!

Other Great Snack Ideas:


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