Plan your Grocery Trip with a Cookbook

Dinner Time


Plan your Grocery Trip with a Cookbook

Growing up I can recall my mother coming home from with and struggling to find something to whip together for dinner. It wasn’t that we didn’t have any food for her to cook, it was that it was last minute and she had a refrigerator full of food, but no meal in mind to actually prepare. Her solution to the problem, was to take us out to dinner, to a restaurant down the street that we frequented often or have take-out delivered to the house.

By the end of the week, Majority of the food in the vegetable drawers went bad, and the meat that was thawed for several days was thrown away. A lot of food was wasted and money also, and I know that this situation occurs with many other families. Luckily there are useful tools that can help you to prevent this situation from occurring.

Don’t let Food Go to Waste


Don’t keep your refrigerator completely empty to prevent wasting your hard earned money on something that ends up in the trash because it was not cooked in time, keep your refrigerator stocked with foods that will be used and eaten by you and your family. It’s easy to go out to dinner, but eating out is expensive. You should try to stay in and cook at home as much as you can to maintain a healthy diet and stay on budget. It’s simple to do and it just takes a short amount of time each week, all you have to do is pick a day each week and plan out you your meals for the upcoming week. By doing this you will know what you’re making ahead of time, and what you should be purchasing at the grocery store so nothing is wasted.

You can review cookbooks and recipes online that are easy to prepare and in a short amount of time, and if you get all of the recipes in one place, most websites will track your recipes and will provide you with a shopping list that will tell you all of the items that you need to purchase in order to make all of the meals that you have selected recipes for. If you are not using the internet for your recipes, and decide to use a cook book, you can manually create a shopping list with a pen and paper or with a shopping app on your phone. By doing this, you will only purchase the foods you need to prepare delicious meals for your family.

Eating Healthy and Save Money


When you create your shopping list based on the recipes for the meals you intend to make, you can control what your family is eating. You are in charge of planning healthy meals to teach your family healthy eating habits. When you don’t use this method, your family may end up eating frozen dinners, or get fast food or you’ll end up wasting money because you go out to dinner so often. By using this planning method, you will save money and the food in your refrigerator won’t end up in the garbage anymore.

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