Kegel Exercises in the Car – Yes, You can Do It!

Do you find yourself in the car a lot when you’re running errands? We know what it’s like to stick to such a busy schedule, and finding the time to squeeze some exercise in can seem impossible. Kegel exercises are very important to keep your pelvic muscles in shape. Pelvic muscles play a big role in health, especially for women.

Why Do Pelvic Muscles have to be Kept Strong?


Pelvic muscles help to stop urine from flowing. When pelvic muscles begin to weaken this can cause urine to begin leaking out. In women, pelvic muscles can become weak due to pregnancy, being overweight, and childbirth. In men, pelvic muscles can weaken if they have to undergo prostate surgery.

People who have weak pelvic muscles can strengthen them through Kegel exercises.

What are Some Exercises I can do to Strengthen my Pelvic Muscles?


Kegel ExerciseThe great thing about Kegel exercises is that you can do them just about anywhere. They’re very easy to do, and you can even practice them right in your car too. In order to exercise your pelvic muscles, just squeeze or pull in your pelvic muscles. Hold them in by squeezing for about ten seconds, and then release. Rest for ten seconds and then repeat again for a set of ten. If you do two sets of ten a day, you’ll keep your pelvic muscles very strong.

Just be sure to be patient when doing this exercise since it takes a while for pelvic muscles to strengthen. You do have to repeat the exercise regularly before you begin to feel and see an improvement in your pelvic muscles. In many people, they don’t begin to see a difference until they’ve been doing six to twelve weeks of daily Kegel exercises.

People who suffer from urine leakage will usually see a change around the same timeframe as well. It takes a while for any muscles in your body to improve and strengthen. Be patient with your exercises and practice them daily to see improvement.

Some Other Points to Remember


While they’re not the sole cause, weak pelvic muscles can usually lead to urine leakage. It’s why it’s so important to keep your pelvic muscles strong through regular and daily Kegel exercises. These daily exercises will strengthen your pelvic muscles, and will often lead to improved bladder control too.

If you are an individual who suffers from urine leakage due to weak pelvic muscles, be sure to tighten your pelvic muscles before you jump, lift a heavy object, or sneeze. This will prevent your pelvic muscles from becoming damaged and prevent urine leakage too.

If you’re unsure of whether you’re practicing the right Kegel exercises, you can look up instructional videos on the internet to see a demonstration. Kegel exercises are super easy to do and can be done anywhere.

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