Four Foods that won’t Ruin your Upholstery

Foods that won’t Ruin your UpholsteryEveryone likes a good party, and most of us will entertain in our home at some point in our lives. One of the biggest concerns when having a get together is choosing the food and drinks. However, how does one protect their upholstery from inadvertent accidents involving food and drink? People will most likely be carrying a plate and drink all around the house.

How can you combat this problem? The best way it to NOT eat on the furniture; however, the likelihood of that happening in our world is small, so we need the second best option. First of all, make sure all your upholstery is treated with a stain resistant solution to reduce the clean up time and probability of stains sticking around. Secondly, serve foods that don’t cause tremendous stains in the first place. Here are four foods that won’t ruin your upholstery.

Light Colored Drinks


Light colored drinks are the best choice for busy party. Try to stick to white wines and spirits as well as light colored sodas. While there may always be a few guests who adamantly prefer red wine, you can entice them to try lighter drinks by featuring a delicious light wine punch or another lighter colored mixed drink as the focal point of the drink table. If there are any mishaps, clean them up immediately. Keep on hand a peroxide and water solutions and a vinegar and water solution for wine stains. Spray with the peroxide and let sit for just a few minutes. Then use a cloth that is wet with the vinegar solution to neutralize the peroxide and soak up the stain.



Sandwiches make far less stains than say miniature meatballs soaked in red sauce. Keep your finger foods light at a party where guests may be sitting on or standing around the furniture. Chicken salad or pimento cheese sandwiches are always a good choice. On a side note, always keep a small plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with apple jelly of course) to the side for any children that may be at the gathering. Also, have a small table somewhere with coloring pages and crayons for children to enjoy while eating. Invest in some cups with lids and straws for the kiddies as well. Your upholstery will thank you!



You will be safe with most fruits if they get dropped on the upholstery. They leave little residue and if they do leave a little debris behind, it is generally easy to



For dessert, pastries are a good option for not staining your upholstery. Avoid anything with chocolate. Cream cheese pastry puffs or cream puffs are great options when they have no darker colored components that can be left behind on furniture.

With just a little thoughtful planning of your drink and food menu will help you host a fabulous party while also protecting your furniture especially if you choose these four foods that won’t ruin your upholstery.

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