Five Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

Workouts You Can Do With Your BabyIt’s time for your workout, but guess what? You’ve got the baby to look after! Is it even possible to work out while watching the baby? You’d think not, but there are in fact ways around it! In fact, there are five workouts you can do with your baby, and none of them require you going to the gym or trying to find a babysitter just to get some good stretching in. Check them out, and lose your excuse to avoid getting back in shape after the baby!

Lower Body


This is a simple exercise that allows you to keep an eye on your baby while still getting a few muscles stretched out. On a mat or blanket or towel on the ground, lay on your stomach with the baby just in front of you. You can still play with the child, even while you tighten up your lower body! Bend your legs upward at a 90 degree angle, and slowly lift the knees up until you’re as high as you can go, keeping your legs together while you hold the position. Doing this for 30 seconds at a time at least three times can really help tighten up your gluteus Maximus!



Want to try some squats with some extra weight? Why not your baby? Just put your child in a front carrier, and while your playing with them, perform a few squats. First, stand up straight, just a bit wider than your shoulders. When you’re ready, slowly lower yourself, as though you were sitting in an imaginary chair. Keep your weight over your heels for a maximum workout, and hold for 30 seconds before repeating 12 times. You can entertain your child and still get a really good stretch in!

Core Crunch


In order to jumpstart your body, head on back to the blanket for a core crunch while you continue to entertain your child. Laying flat on your back, bring your legs up into 90-degree angles in order to start crunching the abs. For an extra push, rest your child on your chest and play a few small games with them while lifting your head and shoulders up off the ground. Hold it for 30 seconds, and try to do it 5 times or more in order to really make your abs work for you.

High Chair Lunges


If you know how to do proper lunges, then you can take your child for a walk in a stroller, or feed them while they’re in a high chair, all the while doing some lunges! While walking, you can step forward in a large move, and bend down until both of your legs are at 90 degree angles behind you. Hold it for a second before coming up and stepping forward again with the other leg. If you’re feeding your child in a high chair standing in place, then you bend down and hold the position for 30 seconds before pulling back up into the starting position. Then start forward with your other leg, and hold for another 30 seconds. Overall, you should do it for three minutes walking, or 6 times for each leg if you’re in place.

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