Exercises You Can Do With Objects Of your House

Who says you need to spend hundreds a year on a gym? Fitness doesn’t only happen in a building full of heavy equipment and sweaty people, you can tone up muscles wherever you are! Check out these exercises you can do with objects around the house, and learn what you need to do to exercise while watching your favorite movie, or just hanging out alone at home!

Exercises You Can Do With Objects Of your House

Chairs- Tricep Dip


You can use your dining room chair for almost a complete workout. Sitting on the edge of the chair and lifting your legs can help you strengthen your thighs, or using a chair in the garage can give you a sort of bench to do heightened lunges on. Twist while sitting in the chair to increase your flexibility, or strengthen your arms with a different short exercise. Hold onto the edges of the chair with your hands behind you, facing away from the chair. Slowly lower yourself until your knees and arms are both bent at 90 degrees, and push up until your arms are straight 15 times.  You’ll get stronger arms guaranteed!

Paper Plate- Lunge


Believe it or not, a paper plate can really help you exercise the fat away. Ever done a lunge? It’s easy enough, stretching one step at a time and bending your legs at 90 degree angles in order to exercise the muscles. In order to up the difficulty, introduce a paper plate! Now instead of throwing your body weight forward or back in order to stand up again, put your moving foot on the paper plate, removing the friction your shoe had on the ground. Now you’ve got to slide into the lunge, and slowly slide out, which requires a lot more control, and exerts more energy.

Milk Jugs, Soup Cans, Laundry Detergent- Weight Lifting


Want to lift weights, but don’t want to invest in a dumbbell set? Just grab one of these items sitting around! Milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles are great for heavier weights, while soup cans can be perfect for lighter weight lifting. Build yourself up to the milk jugs, and use them to perform bicep curls or tricep lifts. Whatever exercises you’d usually use with dumbbells can be performed with these items instead, so you don’t have to sacrifice exercise time by getting ready for the gym and driving over.

Exercising at home doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, and you can’t always use the excuse that you don’t have the time. When you’re at home and you’ve got five or ten minutes, just grab a piece of home exercise equipment and get to work! It doesn’t take long to do a few arm exercises with a can of soup, or do a few tricep dips on a chair. Maybe you’ll find that it’s more fun to exercise at home, or that you can get a lot done while watching a movie. The possibilities are almost endless, and you’ll lose weight and tone up without actually exerting a lot of effort to head to the gym!

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