Beginner’s Guide to Leg Workouts

Want to work out and gain muscle mass? You’ll need to start slow, and start from the toes up. Start with your legs, and strengthen them so that when you start exercising, your legs will be able to support yourself. Most exercises can be done on your own at home or during your busy day, though some of them do require extra equipment. These would be best done in the gym, where there are benches and steps built specifically to carry your weight without too much difficulty. Try out this beginner’s guide to leg workouts, and get some muscle mass!

Dumbbell Step Up


Beginner’s Guide to Leg WorkoutsDumbbells are optional in this move, as this can be done on your own. The dumbbells provide a bit of extra weight for the legs to work against, and can provide a bit of arm exercise as well! For this, you need to stand behind a step or bench of some kind, and step up on it with one foot. It’s necessary to keep your back straight at all times, in order to put most of the weight on your one foot. Once you’ve stood up straight, instead of resting the second foot on the bench, slowly return to your starting position in order to really stretch out your muscles. Doing this fifteen times on each side will give every muscle on your legs a workout, and will not impact your knees too heavily.

Calf Raise


This one isn’t always fun for people, but it is something that can be done even out in your normal life. Normally you should do this at the edge of a small step, though you can do this on flat ground while waiting in life. Standing straight with your legs at shoulder width, lift yourself up onto the balls of your feet, holding it for thirty seconds before slowly laying your feet back flat. If you’re standing on a bench at the gym, only the balls of your feet should be on the step. You’ll have to raise yourself up, back to level position, and down past the edge of the bench, and back to level again. Doing this will get your calves burning in a good way, and will give them a great exercise after only 12 repetitions.



Another fun exercise that gets a bad rap is the lunge. It’s a large step forward that really stretches out your thighs, and can again be done pretty much anywhere. For this to be done correctly, stand up straight again and take a large step forward. Lean forward slowly as your legs bend, and finally come to rest with your back knee almost touching the ground, and your front knee bent at a right angle.

Your front thigh and back calf should both be parallel to the ground. After holding it for thirty seconds, bring yourself back up, and start again with the other leg. Doing this 20 times will be perfect for your legs, and will get them to bulk up pretty quickly!

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